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Why was my SpritzCard declined?
Why was my SpritzCard declined?

Questions about payments getting declined or merchants requesting a PIN number.

Updated over a week ago

Your SpritzCard payment may have been declined for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Charge Type Error: The transaction might have been processed as a 'debit' charge when it should have been processed as 'credit'. Always charge your SpritzCard as credit when given the option.

  2. 3DS Verification Requirement: Some merchants mandate 3D Secure (3DS) verification for transactions. If a merchant requires this added layer of security and it's not supported or provided during your transaction, the payment could be declined.

  3. Insufficient Funds: Ensure you have enough funds loaded onto your SpritzCard before purchasing. If the amount on the card is less than the total transaction amount, the payment will be declined.

  4. Merchant Restrictions: Not all merchants accept Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) as payment. The transaction will be declined if the merchant you're trying to transact with doesn't accept VCCs, including SpritzCard.

Does my SpritzCard come with a PIN number?

Your SpritzCard does not have a PIN number as it is not a debit card. If you are asked for a PIN number, try running the card again as a credit charge instead!

If you've checked the above and are still facing issues, please contact our customer support for further assistance.

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