Where can I use my SpritzCard

Learn about where to use your SpritzCard to pay for anything with crypto!

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Your SpritzCard is your gateway to using crypto anywhere in the real world. Use your card at thousands of merchants around the globe! From online stores to grocery stores and even at happy hour, your SpritzCard lets you link your on-chain financial life to your real one.

Can I use my SpritzCard anywhere?

You can use your SpritzCard anywhere that accepts Visa, but some places may choose not to accept prepaid virtual cards.

  • Certain online merchants like crypto on-ramps or peer-to-peer payment platforms may not accept SpritzCard.

  • Unfortunately, you can't use your card at ATMs since it is not a bank card.

  • Merchants in Europe that use 3DS verification do not accept SpritzCard.

How do I use my SpritzCard in person?

Your Spritz card is digital only but can be used IRL with any digital wallet, such as Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

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