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How does Spritz work?
How does Spritz work?
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At Spritz, we’re building the bridge between DeFi and TradFi (traditional finance). Link your real-world bills like your credit cards, utility bills, mortgage payments and more to your Spritz account and then pay them seamlessly with any crypto token on our supported networks - Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BNB Chain - with more blockchain networks being added soon. Any bill. Any token. Any wallet. It's that simple.

We handle any swaps so all you have to do is make a crypto payment to any linked bill or bank account from your Web3 wallet and hit send. With Spritz, you can unlock real world financial utility from your crypto -- without needing to off-ramp through a CEX or bank, or fully unwinding your DeFi positions to pay the bills!

You can also use the Spritz Off-ramp to off-ramp crypto to your bank account in a single transaction. We handle the swaps, then send fiat currency to your bank account when you make a transaction.

Spritz takes your security seriously, and we will never ask for your private keys.

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