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Can I use my Spritz Card at a non-US business?
Can I use my Spritz Card at a non-US business?
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Yes, you can generally use your Spritz Card at many non-US businesses around the world. Spritz Cards are widely accepted at a variety of international merchants. However, there are some exceptions to be aware of:

What are the exceptions for using my Spritz Card at non-US businesses?

While SpritzCards are accepted at most non-US businesses, there is an important exception. You cannot use your Spritz Card for transactions at merchants in the European Union (EU) that utilize 3DS (3D Secure) verification.

Why can't I use my Spritz Card at EU businesses with 3DS verification?

EU businesses that require 3DS verification for transactions may not accept your SpritzCard. This is because SpritzCards may not be compatible with certain security protocols or authentication methods implemented by EU merchants.

How can I identify if a non-US business uses 3DS verification?

To identify whether a non-US business uses 3DS verification, you can look for indicators during the online checkout. Some websites will explicitly mention that they use 3D Secure authentication. Additionally, you may receive a text message or notification on your mobile device for verification purposes when making a purchase at such businesses.

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