How to load your SpritzCard
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Creating and loading a SpritzCard is the easiest way to spend your crypto on everyday payments. Grab a coffee, pay for drinks, or get your groceries with crypto when you load your SpritzCard to spend money anywhere. Here's how to load your card:

1. Open your SpritzCard by clicking on the Spend tab, then click "fund with crypto" to open a new transaction window.

2. Select the network you want to pay on, then confirm the network switch in your wallet if you need to switch to a new network.

3. Choose the amount you want to pay.

4. Select the asset you want to pay with.

5. Confirm the transaction, or approve the transaction if this is your first time paying with this asset at Spritz. If you're paying with Bitcoin, DASH, or USDT/USDC on the TRON network, you will be prompted to send the payment in your wallet.

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