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Fees: United States & Canada
Fees: United States & Canada

Get up to speed on Spritz's fees for US and Canadian users.

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Do you reside outside of North America? View global fees here

Fee Calculator

With the in-app Spritz fee calculator, you can quickly verify what your transaction will cost without the hassle!

1. How are fees calculated?

Fees at Spritz are charged only when you make a crypto transaction, either moving from crypto to fiat (see section 2), or from fiat to crypto (see section 3).

There are no fees to spend on your debit card or to keep your Spritz account open!

Fees for each transaction are calculated using both a % of your transaction amount, and a fixed minimum value. Both the % and the minimum values depend on a number of factors related to your transaction:

  • The token you are transacting with (e.g. USDC, ETH)

  • The blockchain network you are transacting on (e.g. Polygon, Tron, Bitcoin)

  • The type of transfer (e.g. card load, off-ramp, on-ramp, or bill-pay)

Once you find the values for your particular transaction, the actual fee will be the minimum of either

(A) % fee multiplied by transaction amount, or

(B) minimum fee value (see section 2.4)

2. Crypto ➡️ Fiat

The % rate that you pay depends on the token, chain, and type of transaction.

2.1 USDC stablecoin on EVM networks

The base fee for USDC crypto > fiat transactions is 0.5%.

This base fee applies to transactions on the following EVM blockchains:

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Base

  • Optimism

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche C-Chain

For other networks, see section 2.2.

Surcharges for USDC transactions

The 0.5% base fee is increased for certain types of transactions.

Type of transaction

Additional fee*



Virtual card load


And the fee is increased for transactions of larger volume:

Volume / size of transaction

Additional fee*

Large ($20,000 - $100,000)


Super (>$100,000)


* Fees % rates for type and volume are stackable, so a USDC bill-pay of $50,000 will have an additional 0.5% applied for the bill-pay type + 0.5% applied for the large transaction size, so the total fee will be 1.5% total.

2.2 Other tokens and networks (not USDC on EVM networks)

For other tokens and cryptocurrencies not USDC on non-EVM networks, the % fee depends on both the network you're using and the token you're off-ramping.


Additional fee*

Non USDC stablecoin


Any token not a stablecoin (incl. BUSD)


BNB Chain








* Fees % rates for tokens and network are stackable, for example, off-ramping a stablecoin other than USDC on TRON will have an additional 0.25% for the stablecoin + 0.75% for processing on TRON.

These rates apply to all non-USDC crypto > fiat transactions (bill-pay, card load, bank transfer).

2.3 Rapid pay

If your transaction is over $1,000, there is an additional 0.5% fee to use the Rapid Payment option when making bank transfer ("off-ramp") payments in the US.

2.4 Fee minimums

Fee minimums apply to all crypto > fiat transactions:

Bank transfer (off-ramp)


Virtual card load




Bitcoin network


Dash network


* Fee minimums are not stackable, so the largest minimum value that applies to your transaction will be the value applied to the overall fee calculation

3. Fiat ➡️ Crypto

"On-ramp" or "Buy crypto"

  • All fiat > crypto transactions receive a 1% fee

  • No minimum fee

  • Wire transfers receive an additional $20 charge

  • US Only - See Fees: Across the Globe if you're outside North America.

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