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How to get started on Spritz by verifying your account
How to get started on Spritz by verifying your account

Get early access to Spritz and set up your account in seconds

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Thanks for your interest in the Spritz beta! You can get beta access here. Once you're in, you can set up your Spritz profile in the app by following a few quick steps.

You will need to confirm your identity with a quick phone verification as well as a very fast identity verification (no document uploads required!).

From there, you can get started adding your bills and making your first bill payment with crypto.

1. Verify your email

After signing up to Spritz and creating your account, you'll first need to verify your email. Once you receive your email verification code, enter it into the app to complete the first verification step.

2. Secure your account

Once your email is verified in the app, you'll be taken into Your bills screen, where you'll be prompted to complete the next step in securing your account through 2-factor phone authentication.
Click on "Verify your identity" where you'll then be taken to enter your country of residence, mobile phone number and legal first and last name.
Enter your details and then click to send your verification code to your phone. Once received via SMS, you can enter the 5-digit code to complete the first step in securing your account and verifying your identity. You can also resend the phone verification code at any time if you did not receive it.

3. Verify your identity

The next step to complete verification, is to enter the following information:

  • Current home address

  • City, state, and ZIP code (Spritz beta is currently available for US residents)

  • Date of birth

Once successfully verified, you will gain full access to the Spritz beta app. From here you can start adding bills and connect to your preferred Web3 wallet.

4. Connect your wallet

To connect your wallet, click on the "connect wallet" button and follow the prompts to select your preferred wallet. If you don't see your wallet listed in the prompt, try using WalletConnect to add your preferred wallet.

Once you connect your wallet and your first bill, you can set up your first payment. Cheers!


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