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How do I submit a test payment?
Updated over a week ago

You can make a test payment in the Spritz app by setting up a payment on a bill you've already linked to your account.

To set up a test payment, click on the bill you want to pay. If this is your first time paying a bill on Spritz, you will see the option to submit a test payment of up to $10 (although you can make a payment for greater than $10 if you choose to).

You can easily select from a preset amount seen below of $1, $5, or $10 to fund your first payment directly from your crypto wallet using any token you'd like. We'll match whichever amount you choose to double the size of your bill payment!

You can also make a larger payment for your first bill payment on Spritz by choosing "other" to set a custom amount. If you pay more than $10, we'll add $10 to your bill payment! That's a whole round at happy hour. Cheers!

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