How to pay a bill with crypto

Learn how to pay IRL bills with any token from your connected wallet.

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Using crypto should be easy, and you shouldn’t wait for your billing providers to accept it as payment. Use Spritz to connect your bill pay accounts and start paying bills with crypto in just a few clicks, straight from your wallet!

In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to pay a bill with crypto!

Step 1: Click on the Bills section of your account dashboard, scroll through your connected bills, and click on "Pay with crypto" to set up a payment.

Step 2: Choose the blockchain and asset you'd like to pay with, then enter the amount in USD.

Step 3: Submit the payment and confirm the transaction in your wallet!

If this is your first time paying with this crypto asset, you’ll first have to approve the token for use on the Spritz smart contract. Once you approve the token, you can then finish approving the transaction!

Step 4: Enjoy yourself.

You're done! What will you do with all of the time you've saved? We recommend surfing, or grabbing a drink to celebrate that your bills are paid! 🍹

Tips for getting the most out of Spritz

  • Only have a little bit of crypto to use every month? Try adding your smallest bills first!

  • You can pay for Subscriptions like Netflix and Blue Apron with your SpritzCard! Just load your card, then use it as a form of payment on any subscription service.

Spritz makes it easy to pay bills with crypto. Set up a bill payment in seconds and use your crypto in the real world.

Note: There is a fee to use Spritz. You can learn more about our fees here.

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