How to use the Spritz US On-ramp

Instructions for using the Spritz On-Ramp and information about how it works.

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We're thrilled to bring you the Spritz On-ramp! This tool will let you initiate a bank transfer to purchase crypto from any bank account and have it sent to your preferred wallet. The Spritz On-ramp is your gateway to embracing DeFi like never before.

Which stablecoins can I buy?

  • Arbitrum USDC

  • Avalanche USDC

  • Ethereum USDC

  • Ethereum USDT

  • Optimism USDC

  • Polygon USDC

  • Solana USDC

Are there limits?

  • The Spritz US On-ramp is unlimited.

How to use the Spritz On-ramp:

Step 1: Navigate to "Buy Crypto"

  1. Head to the “Buy Crypto” Tab: Locate and click on the “Buy Crypto” tab in the top menu or sidebar, depending on your device.

  2. Accept Terms of Service: Read through and click “Accept” to agree to the Terms of Service.

Step 2: Complete the Supplemental KYC Prompts

  1. Provide SSN: We require that you enter your Social Security Number (SSN) to meet regulatory requirements. Ensure accuracy to prevent transaction issues.

  2. Confirm: Click “Confirm” after entering your SSN. Rest assured, your personal information is securely encrypted and stored.

Step 3: Initiate a New Crypto Purchase

  1. Click “New Crypto Purchase”: Find and click this button to start your crypto buying process.

  2. Enter Wallet Address: Input the crypto wallet address where you wish to receive your purchased cryptocurrency. Make sure the address matches the correct network for the intended crypto asset. Errors here could lead to a loss of funds.

Step 4: Select Payment Method

  1. Choose ACH or Wire Transfer: Select your preferred payment method. Options include ACH (Automated Clearing House) for a standard bank transfer, or Wire Transfer.

Step 5: Enter Purchase Details

  1. Enter Amount: Specify the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to buy.

  2. Select Asset and Network: Select the asset you'd like to buy and specify the network you want to make the purchase on.

  3. Review Everything Carefully: Double-check all of the details, especially your wallet address and network, to ensure accuracy.

Step 6: Use Instructions to Complete Transaction

  1. Open Your Banking/Financial App: Now that the instructions have been generated, you'll need to use your bank or preferred financial app's ACH or Wire Transfer system.

  2. For Wire Transfers: Use the generated instructions to complete the transfer from your online banking portal or preferred financial app.

    1. Important: Be sure to...

      1. Send the exact amount listed at the top of the instructions.

      2. Include the memo marked by the❗️

    2. Failure to include the exact amount or the memo will result in a delay and a possible return of your wire transfer.

  3. For ACH Transfers: Use the generated Virtual Account as the "External Account" for your purchase. Many banks will allow you to transfer money to and from a bank account of yours at another bank. Use the Virtual Account generated for your transaction as the "External Account" by entering the routing number and account number into your bank's external transfer system.

    1. Important: The generated address is permanent for the asset & blockchain associated with it. For example, if you send multiple transfers to the address generated for USDC on Solana. In that case, each transfer will result in a deposit of USDC in the Solana-compatible wallet you confirmed.

    2. The stablecoins purchased will be deposited in your confirmed wallet within 1-3 business days.

Where is the Spritz On-ramp available?

Please be aware that the Spritz On-ramp is currently not available in Florida, New York, Louisiana, and Alaska.

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