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How to Use the Euro & GBP On-Ramp
How to Use the Euro & GBP On-Ramp
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We are excited to introduce our latest new version of the Spritz on-ramp that supports stablecoin purchases across 6 networks using Euros or GBP.


Supported Stablecoins and Networks

  • Ethereum: USDC, USDT, agEur

  • Polygon: USDC, USDT

  • Optimism: USDC, USDT

  • Arbitrum: USDC, USDT, agEur

  • Celo: cEUR, cUSD

  • Tron: USDT

How do you use the on-ramp??

โ—๏ธ Be sure to sign up and complete the initial KYC process! Once completed, you'll be able to see the GBP/Euro on-ramp within the "Buy Crypto" tab.

Step 1

  • Navigate to the On Ramp.

  • If you've connected a wallet recently, you'll see the public address auto-populate.

    • If there isn't a wallet address present, add the public address of the wallet you'd like your crypto to be sent to.

  • Select the asset you'd like to receive and the network you'd like to receive it on.

  • Click "Confirm Wallet Address"

Step 2

  • A One-Time Password ("OTP") will be sent to your email address on file.

  • Copy and paste the OTP into the field.

  • Click "Submit OTP".

Step 3

  • Confirm the purchase details.

  • If you'd like change anything, click "Edit receiving token, network or address."

  • Otherwise, click "Continue".

Step 4

Complete the supplemental KYC steps, which include:

  • Declaring UK or EU residence/citizenship

  • Uploading a government-issued document (varies by country)

  • Taking a selfie

Step 5

  • After reaching the Deposit Instructions screen, open up your personal online bank account.

  • Use the copy buttons on the right side of the account information to make a transfer from your bank account to the one on the screen.

  • Once your transfer of Euros or GBP is deposited into the account listed on the screen, your stablecoins will automatically be deposited into your wallet.

Step 6

  • You can check the status of ongoing and completed orders within the "In Progress" and "Completed" tabs.


To celebrate its launch, Euro & GBP on-ramp transactions have a 1% transaction fee. Please be aware that this pricing is introductory and subject to future changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there transaction limits?
There are no transaction limits for the Euro & GBP onramp!

I live in the US/Canada - can I use this on-ramp?

Due to regulatory reasons, it turns out that US users need to use the US version of the on-ramp. More information about it can be found here.

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