How to add a bank account to Spritz
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Spritz lets you off-ramp to any US bank account in minutes! Add your bank account (or a friend’s) and set up a payment in seconds. Here is how to get started:

1. Click on the “pay” section of the Spritz app. Click “add another account," then choose “add a bank account.”

2. Enter the bank account and routing numbers for the account you want to add. Double-check that they’re correct! Then add the name of the account holder.

Now you can finish adding the account! You’re ready to set up your first off-ramp payment.

Once you make an off-ramp payment, it will be sent as either an ACH payment in 3-4 business days or as a Real-Time Payment (RTP) to participating banks in just a few minutes. For a list of participating RTP banks, check this page out here.

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