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Does Spritz offer 2-factor authentication?
Does Spritz offer 2-factor authentication?
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You can set up 2-factor authentication if you created an account with your email and made a password. If you signed up for Spritz through your Google account, an additional 2FA is unavailable. This is because you already have a 2-factor authentication set up through your Google account.

Here is how to set up 2FA:

  • Head to your profile and click on “set up 2FA” in the prompt at the bottom

  • Scan the QR code with your authenticator app to add your Spritz account

  • Enter the code it gives you in the app

  • Once you enter the code, you’re done!

I signed up through my Gmail account, can I still use 2FA?

When you sign up through Google, you're getting 2FA through that account. There is no way to add 2FA through Spritz if you signed up through Google.

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