How to redeem credits
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You can redeem any credits when you set up a transaction on Spritz. You'll have to apply the total amount of your credits to the payment, but you can stack any credits you've earned and apply them all toward one payment! Note: For users outside the US & Canada, credits can only be redeemed through the SpritzCard.

1. To redeem your credits, open any payment window in Spritz.

2. Next, click the button to apply your credit balance in any transaction window. Then fill out the rest of the payment information.

Some transactions on Spritz have specific minimums. Here are the minimums for every transaction type on Spritz:

SpritzCard transactions: $20 minimum

Bitcoin transactions: $50 minimum

All other transactions: $1 minimum

3. Once you've selected the network, amount, and token you want to add on top of the credit, confirm the transaction in your wallet to send the payment through.

Credits can be used to pay bills, off-ramp, or they can be added to your Spritz Card.

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