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Adding Bills to Spritz
How to add a bill to Spritz?
How to add a bill to Spritz?
Learn how to find and add your credit cards, mortgage, loans, and more.
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Once you’ve completed your account verification, follow the next steps in the app to begin connecting your bills. There are two options for linking your bills to Spritz.

1. Find my bills for me

If you'd like Spritz to find your bills for you, we run a soft credit check to pull your bill-pay account information. This is done to make sure we get the right accounts and won’t show up on your credit report. You’ll need to answer some additional verification questions related to your previous home addresses, employment info, past bills, and/or other security questions, but we won’t ask for sensitive information like your social security number or the keys to your crypto wallet.

Once you have answered the questions, you will be able to see any bills connected to your name and address that Spritz has found. You'll see notifications for the number of bills we've found by bill type category, including credit cards, utilities, mortgage, student loans, and others. Scroll through the options and add any accounts you might want to pay for with crypto, and they will be waiting in your Spritz account to be paid at any time.

You can add as many bills as you'd like. You'll also be able to see the most popular bills in each category that other Sprites are paying with their crypto.

‍2. Add bills yourself

If you prefer to find and add your bills yourself, you can do that as well! Spritz makes it easy to search for your bill pay provider (with over 1000+ bill pay integrations).

Once you find your bill pay provider, you'll then just need to enter your account information to securely login to your account, and add the bill manually.

Any connected bill will be waiting for you to pay in the "All bills" tab in the main Bills screen.


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