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How to connect your wallet to Spritz
How to connect your wallet to Spritz
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1. Log into the Exodus mobile app
2. Head to Spritz through your dApp browser.
3. Sign in, and then follow the prompts connect the Exodus wallet through WalletConnect

Note: If you are using the Exodus Chrome extension, please close other extensions for the best operability.


Make sure to update Ledger Live and that your Ledger Device has the latest firmware.
1. Head to Spritz and click "connect wallet."
2. Connect to WalletConnect and copy the QR code that appears. 3. Go to your chosen network page (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain), then click Manage, then WalletConnect. Paste the QR code and press continue.
1. Go to Spritz and have it open in your browser.
2. Connect to WalletConnect, then select the Ledger wallet of your choice.

3. Select the account you want to connect to Spritz, then verify the details and connect.


The Metamask app should have a very simple connection; head to Spritz and select the option in the WalletConnect window when you click "connect wallet."
To add your MetaMask manually:

Desktop Extension
1. Open Spritz in your browser, then click on the Metamask extension.
2. Click the three dots, then click on the ‘Connected Sites’ button. 3. Select the ‘Manually connect to current site’ option.
4. Follow the prompts to connect your chosen accounts.

1. Tap on the ‘Browser’ tab on the bottom of the screen in your MetaMask app.
2. Navigate to and log in.
3. Click "connect wallet" button and follow the prompts to connect your wallet.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase has a few ways to allow any Dapp, including Spritz, to connect.
1. Log into Spritz and click "connect wallet."
2. Choose the Coinbase Wallet icon in the list of options, or use the WalletConnect QR code to connect to your wallet.


1. Select the WalletConnect option after clicking on "Connect wallet."

2. Use the Safepal app to scan the QR code that appears. Then, confirm the connection and press Agree to connect to the Dapp.

Trust Wallet

1. Open Spritz, then click "Connect wallet."
2. Select the WalletConnect option, then find the Trust Wallet option.

3. Accept the smart contract connection in your wallet, then head back to your browser.

This process is similar on both desktop and mobile.

Atomic Wallet

1. Select WalletConnect to show a QR code.
2. Go to Atomic Wallet’s app and scan the QR code.
3. Follow the prompts to connect Atomic Wallet.


Trezor has integration with Metamask. To use Trezor with any other Dapp, simply follow the instructions for connecting a wallet to Metamask, and from there you can use Trezor with other Dapps.

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