How does SMARTPay work?
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SMARTPay lets you set up recurring payments using your crypto with the click of a button, and sign just one transaction for up to a year’s worth of planned monthly payments to your billing account.

Here is how to set up a SMARTPay plan:

  1. Head to the Spritz app and open up the bills section, then pick a bill you want to set up automatic monthly payments for.

  2. Click on “Set up recurring payment” to set up a SMARTPay subscription—this will automatically pay your bill each month without having to make individual transactions each time.

  3. Set up the details of the recurring payment, like how much you’d like to put towards your bill, which day you’d like the payment to send, and how many months you’d like to repeat the subscription for. Currently, we can only support SMARTPay subscriptions when paying bills with USDC on the Polygon network.

  4. Click “Set up recurring payment” to confirm the transaction plan, then sign it in your wallet to approve the planned transactions on the network. You’re done!

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