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What is the average gas fee I can expect to pay?
What is the average gas fee I can expect to pay?

Learn more about how to estimate gas fees on each network available on Spritz.

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Gas fees can range from a fraction of a penny to a few dollars, depending on the network you use to transact on Spritz. While it can be difficult to estimate the average cost of gas fees, you can use tools to estimate what you might pay at any moment. Learn more about gas fees below!

What are gas fees?

Network or gas fees are fees that users pay to a blockchain network to make a transaction. Depending on whether the network is a Proof-of-Stake or a Proof-of-Work blockchain network, those fees will either go to the validators or the miners, respectively. Spritz does not set gas fees; unfortunately, we have no control over them.

How are gas fees calculated?

Gas fees are measured based on network congestion, so you might notice higher gas fees on days or times when many people are making transactions on that network. If you prepare a transaction and notice that the network fee is higher than expected, try returning in a couple of hours to see if the network fees have decreased.

How can I get an estimate gas fees before preparing a transaction on Spritz?

While we don't have a way to estimate what you might pay in gas fees directly on Spritz without you starting a transaction, there are lots of tools out there that can! Check out the table below for the best gas fee estimation tools based on the network you're using:

Please note: You do not need to connect your wallet to estimate gas fees on any of these suggested sites. Be careful of websites that ask you to connect a wallet, and do due diligence before connecting to any smart contracts.

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