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How does the Spritz Affiliate Program work?
How does the Spritz Affiliate Program work?
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The Spritz Affiliate Program is the best way to earn from sharing Spritz with your audience! The program is designed for content creators with at least 2,000 or more followers or community members.

The first step to becoming a Spritz Affiliate is to sign up with the application. Once your application is approved, you’ll get your affiliate link and access to our affiliate portal with Spritz promo materials.

Share your affiliate link on your blog, newsletter, and social communities. Create new Spritz content or place ads on your biggest channels. You'll earn $25 for each activated user plus a min 10% commission from their monthly transaction fees*. No monthly limits. Plus, your referrals will earn $50 after their qualifying payment is completed. Track the performance of your affiliate links from anywhere!

* To qualify for the $25 payout for each new referral, your referral will need to sign up, get verified and complete their first payment(s) totaling $50 or more.

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