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How do I know which network my wallet is connected to?
How do I know which network my wallet is connected to?
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You can find out which network your wallet is connected to by looking at the blockchain name, usually located at the top of your wallet. Some wallets like Metamask enable you to switch networks at any time. Other wallets like Trust Wallet require you to switch networks when you connect your wallet to a smart contract for the first time.

Many Avalanche or Polygon-supported wallets will also support other blockchain networks and are not automatically connected to Polygon. To add funds onto the Polygon network, for example, you'll have to add the network to your wallet and bridge assets (we like to use the Polygon bridge).

If you purchased crypto on a centralized exchange and sent it to your wallet, it likely sent the crypto as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum or BNB Chain blockchains, even if you're dealing with a native token on another network. Follow our guide here on how to bridge assets.

We're currently working on expanding our network integrations to even more blockchain networks in the future. If you'd like to request a network, add or upvote it here.

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